Substitutes. The annoying kind

Okay, so has anyone ever had an annoying substitute. Like one time I had a substitute for a class where I left early, so I was walking out the door, when she asked me where I was going. I said to the nurse. Then she asked me why, while I was at the door and she was all the way across the room. I had to go because I have diabetes, basically announcing it to the class. Then she said stuff about how her sons had type 2 diabetes, and  I finally got to leave. Then another time I had the same substitute, and again I had to leave during that class. So I walk up to her, conveniantly shes at the door. So I tell her I have to leave, again she asks why. I tell her I have diabetes, she says so. In my mind I'm thinking, so i have to go to the nurse. But instead I just say, because I need to check my blood sugar and take insulin. She answered by again telling me about her sons and how they have diabetes. Then it came to me, she thought I was trying to skip class! How offending. But she just let's me go. Lastly, and most recently, I was leaving without telling the sub because I was trying to go unnoticed. But I got caught. He asked me where I was going, I said to the nurses office. Instead of letting me go he told me to walk over to where he was. It was even worse because he smelled really bad. Anyway, one of my friends tried to stick up for me by saying I was aloud to go. Then he go's into this two minute lecture about how if someone was looking for me he wouldn't know where I had went, and he would get in trouble, and all this, that, and the other. Grr. Then he finally looks at me, and all he says is, you need to tell me where your going. Again, only in my mind, I think, Why didn't you just say that in the first place instead of having me wait here for like two minutes. But I only thought it. By this point I was so bothered that when he said bye I didn't say anything. So has anyone else been annoyed by a substitutes rudeness, or flat out annoyance?

Ahhhhh... yes! That has happened to me before, it's so awkward!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And sometimes it is not always with substitutes...

Now about substitutes usually I just go and tell them before class that I have to go, and I show them a pass I have that is usable for the whole school year. And I explain I have to go and that I will be sneaking out. I think you should do this too because it helps a lot. Also ask for a pass in case you get one of those stubborn types...

And at the start of the school year, I have to tell my 4th hour teacher that I have to leave 5 minutes early for lunch. And that can be awkward because they are like, "okay". So when the time comes I look at them, to see if they notice me leaving, and yeah I don't like that whole part...

Anyway I know what it feels like to have to awkwardly get up in the middle of class to leave, with people whispering, "Where is she going?". But they get use to it, if you do it everyday, and it becomes no problem. And if some IS bold enough to ask where you're going... turn around and just say, "To test my blood sugar" and nothing else then promptly leave!!! :)

I have a pass, I just kinda like to see who makes a huge dramatic scene. Yeah I have to tell my teachers too. Most of the time they know because of my 504 plan. And i also make sure my teacher can see me before I leave. Haha, I like that last part. I'm gonna try that. But yeah I remember that around the time time I was first diagnosed people wouuld always ask me where I was going. One time the guy I liked asked me why I went to the nurse. I simply said" Because I have diabetes." But I kind of said it in a sassy way. It was kind of fun to see how he was shocked and drawn back for a minute. But he knew about it because his mom had it so I guess it affected him more since he knew about it.

Kalia is right, just tell the sub before class starts that you may need to leave early.  Why would you handle it any other way?  Substitutes aren't psychic and of course they're going to ask why a student is leaving in the middle of class.  

I know it is interesting to see how people react, but it makes it easier for the substitute if you explain and show them the pass, because I think it is very hard to be a sub. Because, you know, people like to cause trouble (not that you are, or anything). Okay what I am trying to say is your going to see plenty of people's reactions to the news that you have diabetes, why possibly embarrass yourself???

I hope you see what I am trying to say... I mean I know it sucks to have to leave sometimes before everyone else does but coming up to the teacher before helps them to understand that you gotta leave, so you don't look suspicious.

Although I don't know why people suspect you are trying to get out of class by saying, "I have diabetes I have to go to the nurse" like seriously! Sometimes I don't even include the part about being diabetic.

But anyway I agree with Jenna below here!

I hope I have helped! :))))))

oh and Iike the last little part you put there on the post above! :D

Haha thanks. And like I know they're gonna ask me why I'm leaving, like im fine with that, it just bothers me when I tell them where I'm going and they ask further questions. And I know what you mean kaila.

Haha, I know what ALL OF YOU GUYS MEAN!!! And yeah, sometimes is not even with subsitutes!!

Like in my school we split the lunch period between lunch and whatever you chose for the year-band, chorus, or STS (its like study hall/silent reading time) And my STS teacher always used to ask me what my pump was!! I guess it wasnt all her fault bc i only had her for like 18 minutes in a WHOLE DAY....but still even if she has other classes and would be like 5 months into the year and she would be like "whatcha got goin on there? what is that an iPod? a cell phone?" and id be like "no its an insulin pump and shed kinda stare at me blankly and id be like "for diabetes" and shed just say oh or something...

and substitutes are SSOOOOOO annoying i dont even want to get started on that!

well anyways...haha teachers are usually nut jobs like my science teacher...UGGHHHH!!!

Yeah. Like some of my teachers will see my pump and I can tell they're wondering what it is, but they don't say anything

Just get a note from the nurse or tell your teacher to write a note to the sub

I know it sucks when you tell people you have diabetes and they're like "Oh my second cousins daughter's friend is diabetic, so I understand"

In Junior High, I had a sub who didn't believe I was diabetic! I had felt low, so I tested, and I was 2.6 (I'm Canadian). I realized I didn't have any glucose or juice, so I went up to the front and said, "I'm Type 1 diabetic, I have low blood sugar, and I need to go to my locker for some juice." And she was like, "You..have diabetes?" And she kept asking me, and I was so frustrated, so I just walked out! My mom talked to the principal after that about giving me access to my locker...

Omg yes, this one time I was in a gym class and there was a sub (my usual gym teacher is good and is basically "on the ball" when I go low etc. ) but anyways I was out playing soccer with the rest of my class when the telltale weird feeling kicked in. I gave her the bare minimun details, to which she replied witha kind of annoyed manour of "yeah right sure " and stuff. I couldn't believe it! I quietly whispered it to my not so subtle friend , and she yelled out infront of the WHOLE class:


Anyways..not my brightest moment.