I did it! I successfully rode my bicycle across Iowa! 433 miles in 7 days. No need for the glucagon injection that I carried with me. I ate a steady stream of sugar and protein and my blood sugars remained stable with the exception of overnight lows. No sore butt or hamstrings. I am not tired, but full of energy and I would do it all over again. It was rewarding to see my home state in such a different light and so peaceful to spend my days in the sunlight riding through cornfields. More to come later!


That is amazinG!!! good for you! I am so glad you made it through ok! So inspiring!!!!


Congrats!  Awesome job.  

Wow wow wow!  That's totally awesome!  Not only that you could do it, but also to keep your blood sugars at any kind of reasonable level for the duration.  I am impressed!  Way to go!  :)