Sudden Dexcom 5g inaccuracies

We have had the dexcom G5 for four days and it has been right on with the numbers and accuracy until today. any advice on what might be causing this?

CGM technology, while neither Minimed nor Dexcom want to admit it, is a new technology and still very experimental, and both makes have their issues. Keep in mind that the CGM doesn’t measure blood glucose, but rather the electrical signals in the interstitial fluid under our skin as our BG fluctuates. This is why there will usually be a “lag” in the results.

I use the Enlite and when it works, it works really well. But if there is any pressure on the sensor or I happen to hit a “bad spot”, it gets wonky and is often unrecoverable. I hear people say one or the other brand has worked better for them, but they both still have issues that they are hopefully trying to iron out over the next few years.