Sugar alcohols

So my daughter got a pkg in the mail today for Easter and it has some "sugar free" chocolate.  When she was dx we were told to take the total carb and minus 1/2 of the sugar alcohol to get the carb count as about 1/2 of the sugar alcohol does raise BG.  On the package, it discounts ALL the sugar alcohol claiming the "net carbs" are 5.  But if I use the rule we were told, I get the carb count at 16. Big difference! So my question is, what is the correct way to figure carb count of an item when sugar alcohols are involved.  What do you all do?

I would go with the 1/2 the sugar alcohol method.  I've notice that "diet" food and candy labels tend to underestimate their effect on blood sugar.  In the past I've just used the full carb count (without subtracting the sugar alcohol) and it's worked for me.  But try the 1/2 method and see how your daughter does.

Frankly, the "sugar free" candy is kind of a waste of money and rarely has dramatically less carbs than the full sugar candy.  I'd rather just eat the real stuff and carb count.  Also, the sorbitol and other non-sucrose sweeteners can cause gas and diarrhea.  Make sure your daughter doesn't eat too much.

I agree Jenna, but it was a gift from a well meaning family member, who just saw "sugar free" and got excited ;) Thanks!

Of course.  Thinks grandmas and well meaning aunts are the target market for these products.  =)  

Sounds like you have a great family that is trying to be compassionate about your daughter's diabetes.  That is a blessing.

Well meaning relatives are a good thing indeed. Your family member seems to really care. If so, this may be a good opportunity to "teach" your extended family about the myth of "sugar free" treats for T1 kids who have fast acting insulin available.  The more they know, the more they can help.