Sugar Cookies

I love sugar cookies, especially for the holidays. Unfortunately, it's one of the foods that makes my son's BG spike big time. I was wondering if it is possible to make a sugar free or low sugar cookie that still tastes like a sugar cookie?

I just saw a few recipes at DLife-for them. You could give those a try.

Thanks Meme. I was starting to lose hope. :)

I made "sugar" cookies from a Splenda recipe.  They were really good.  My non-diabetic family didn't know it was sugar-free until I told them.

So, do you only substitute Splenda for sugar?

We went to a Christmas party for the Children's Medical Services (where there was a lot of kids with diabetes) and they served sugar cookies and because Brandan was dancing and playing he barely had a BG spike. :) Sadly, though, his sugar was pretty high to start with.

Yes - Splenda is amazing!  I use it to make my apple pie, which is still not perfect for BS-friendly...but it helps and no one notices!  I also use Splenda brown sugar blend fore recipes like my apple pie and it's awesome!  Just don't forget like I did once, Splenda granulated sugar is 1:1 but the brown sugar blend is .5:1!

You would think I'm brand new to diabetes. Haha. I'm just new to trying to cook for diabetes. :)