Sugar Free Cookies and Cream Ice Cream? Does it exist?

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We are newly diagnosed and my son loves cookies and cream ice cream. Does anyone know of a sugar free option? We live in Virginia.

I have found that the Blue Bell French Vanilla ice cream is about the lowest in carb. 13 per half cup. It is lower in carbs than their no sugar option. Unfortunately, it comes down to reading labels. We would freeze the gogurt bars. Making cookies is another option. (Almond flour is quite a bit lower in carbs)

So much of making kids not feel deprived is concentrating on portion size and planning. Sometimes they need the decadent dessert. We would have a low carb meal to allow for the dessert and have it at the midday meal.(To be in range at bed time) One of my boys was diagnosed at 10 years old. (his twin at 11.5 years old) I made him part of the decision on when he ate. They both decided that they prefer to just have carbs at meals or when they were low. They give injections.

So I can say since I’m 14 and still a kid that I really enjoy ice cream and cookies. So from what I have seen and eaten, Breyers Carb Smart vanilla ice cream only has 12 for half a cup and doesn’t seem to spike my blood sugar. It also comes in chocolate and i think it’s also the same amount of carbs for the serving. I know the So Delicious mocha almond fudge ice cream bars made with almond milk are only 15 carbs per bar and they are totally one of my favorites! Hope this helps!

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I have eaten the Rebel brand ice cream Jason linked above and it is the only low carb brand that I can make work for my diabetes. Sometimes I just treat highs from regular ice cream as best I can.

BTW, sugar free doesn’t necessarily mean lower carb…you might want to consider that when making food choices and read the label on EVERYTHING.

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hate to break it to you but sugar free does not mean carb free. im sure you could find a lower carb cookies and cream but if it’s sugar free chances are it’s still loaded with carbs

Hello @thesylviafam and first of all, welcome to TypeOneNation.

There may be various forms of low and lower carb ice cream and various fakes. These may offer less carbohydrates or may not.

I like ice cream. I do not like frozen cardboard keto low sugar. I like ice cream. In fact I prefer full fat Ben & Jerry’s. So I taught myself how to eat ice cream and so if you want to, you can too. The hard part is the fat in the ice cream will, untreated, cause blood sugar to rise for up to 5 hours. The trick for me is an insulin pump, and an “extended” or “square wave” bolus. Mine is set for about 150% of the advertised carbs, with about 10% up front and the remaining delivered over 4 hours. Frequent testing is required and allowances for activity is necessary. I do it because I like ice cream, and for no other reason. Cheers and good luck :four_leaf_clover: