Sugar free syrup

Anybody know of a good pancake syrup or recipe besides Walden farms that doesnt hurt blood sugars too bad . My 9 year old loves pancakes but the syrup is a problem .

I just buy sugar free syrup from the grocery store or Amazon. You have to watch for stuff that’s actually sugar free and not just “reduced calorie,” but there are some options. Cary’s is a little thin/watery, but it’s good. I like Smucker’s better. Log Cabin has a decent one, as I recall. (But you have to be careful with them because they also make a “reduced calorie” version that’s a blend of real sugar and artificial sweetener.)

I prefer whipped cream, or fruit spread/preserves. Cool Whip has 3g per 2Tbsp, which won’t go far but isn’t bad - or you could make your own whipped topping.
Smuckers makes sugar free preserves, and Polaner has sugar free products as well. Smuckers regular has no added fructose but does use natural juices that need to be factored in.

Hi @stixxs512 , is the syrup a problem because he free pours? Maybe a weighed portion might be better. I, personally, and IMO, hate fake syrup. I just pre bolus for the syrup and I can tolerate a full waffle or big pancake and it’s ok. Actually didn’t even spike this Sunday but I was just lucky. Good luck :four_leaf_clover:

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It’s a problem because Walden farms spikes her for whatever reason and its 0 carbs 0 sugar and every other sugar free syrup spikes her way too high

sorry, ok, I mean this is only for syrup? plain wheat flour pancakes don’t spike her blood sugar? as far as spike, does her blood sugar come back down in 4 hours?

@stixxs512 I don’t eat syrup much and coming from a family of Vermonters, we only eat the real stuff. I usually only eat some once a month though. I can see where it can be tough if she likes to eat them often. I am sorry you are having a tough time with this!!
I am a teen and a fruit lover, so when I make pancakes (protein pancakes) I top them with fruit (frozen or fresh) and then put some whipped cream on top. Other times, I top with peanut butter and whipped cream.

I really loved a sugar-free coffee creamer, but realized soon after that it was causing a high spike that I didn’t always get in range because of. I realized that there was a *contains trace calories and *is not a significant source of sugar on the label. Sometimes, there are those little hidden sugars that they don’t incorporate into their nutrition facts. I have never used sugar-free syrup, but just from experience with other “sugar-free” products, I have found some trouble. I am sorry that it feels tough to enjoy these foods she loves because of a worry of spikes. I agree with @Joe about his questions.

Oh one more thing!! I did not give up on that coffee creamer completely, I just learned how to treat myself for it and now drink it a little less often than I would of before.

As it was explained to me, fat is used for taste in lieu of sugar in sugar free foods (you just can’t win!) - so you have to figure out how to dose for the fat instead :crazy_face::thinking::tired_face:.


I dont make wheat pancakes, I make them with coconut flour and now I’m wondering if it’s the sugar free heavy cream I’ve started using in the pancakes to make them fluffier. I need to look at the labels
I’m also going to try the whipped cream and fruit topping I think she’ll like that even more.
Her sugar rarely comes down after 4 hrs after insulin and pancake breakfast

I am sorry it is so tough. I love this recipe for protein pancakes. I add a little more water or milk to the recipe, but I personally really love them. They are easy to make and you can just put the four ingredients in a blender. It can be a little trial and error with which protein powder you use. You can put a few chocolate chips in if you want and then I top with fruit and whipped cream as mentioned before. I don’t want to pressure you to give them to her, as they are a lot of protein, I just wanted to give you the link to the recipe I use incase you would like to try! Protein Pancakes - Only 4 Ingredients! • Low Carb with Jennifer

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I hope she likes it and it works out! :crossed_fingers:t4::crossed_fingers:t4::crossed_fingers:t4:

I noticed the heavy cream has something called faba bean protein in it. I’ve never heard of that I’m wondering if that may be causing an issue . Anybody heard of that?

Sometimes it’s comes down to trial and error. You can take out or substitute an ingredient and just see what happens. :four_leaf_clover:

I remember years ago my wife bought some sugar free hard candies. I can’t remember the brand name but they tasted fantastic. I was eating a few and later that evening they hit. After an extended stay in the bathroom I started reading the ingredients and they contained Sorbitol a sugar alcohol and in fine print was a warning; Eating an excessive quantity of these candies may cause the problem I experienced,…but they were so good. I think the recommended serving size was 4, and I ate 7.

I like Mrs. Butterworths. From the refrigerator it is not watery like the others I’ve used and doesn’t cause a huge spike for me. To be fair, I haven’t had a wheat flour pancake in 10 years, just almond flour ones. Hope this helps.

I tried with Allulose (from Amazon) which seem to have zero impact on BG

Have you tried Birch Benders Paleo pancakes? They are amazing topped with berries mixed with swerve and a tiny bit of Agave syrup.

I’ve seen birch benders in the store . I’ll have to look into them the next time I go

Are you pre-bolusing your child?

Really, as long as the portions are not gigantic, give them their meal bolus 20-30 minutes before eating. Watch for their blood sugar to begin dipping a bit, and feed them pancakes with real syrup (not a big glug, but a nice drizzle on each pancake). It’s completely manageable.

For an extreme example of how to maintain BG even after having eaten three (!) donuts, watch this video from two diabetic endocrinologists who also each have type 1 diabetes. (P.S. Dont give your child 3 donuts-- this is just an illustrative example that it can be done).


Okay, that was a cool video — thank you for sharing it!