Sugar in urine

My T1 son was at his regular pediatrician today for well visit and they did a urinanalysis. The Dr called me 5 minutes after we left the office to tell me that he had sugar in his urine. I am fairly new to this, so I was wondering what this means. She said his diabetes was not well controlled, but when I took him to his endocrinologist over the summer his A1C was 7.9 and the Dr seemed pretty happy with that.

Does anyone have insight into this?

Hi Michelle,

Before blood glucose meters were widely available, people with diabetes would test to see if they were high or low by doing urine tests with chemical strips- kinda like the way we test for ketones these days. The problem with this is that the strips weren't extremely accurate and it was a better indication of what your blood glucose level WAS about an hour ago.

So every time your son has a high blood sugar, his urine will have some sugar in it. He probably had higher than normal BG (blood glucose) levels when he had his urinalysis and that's what the pediatrician saw. This would have been a decent indicator of a diagnosis of diabetes, but you already knew that. In terms of being an indicator of how good his overall control is the A1C score is the best measurement, as it is an average his general BG range over 6 months. 7.9 is a fantastic number and you guys deserve a pat on the back for maintaining that level of control. It's hard work.

One last thing: remember what I said about the old-timey urine strips to measure blood sugar levels? This is amazing: before the urine strips were invented, doctors would taste the urine for sweetness to diagnose diabetes.


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I believe any time the BG is over 180, sugar starts spilling into the urine. So he could have been a little high or his insulin not kicked in yet, etc. and this would be possible. I think it is worth a call into the endo's office just to double check (can't hurt) but I'm sure as Red said that it is probably nothing to worry about.

Thanks. I appreciate the thoughtful responses. I feel much better now.