Sugar substitutes

My daughter was diagnosed in January. We’re doing fine with most stuff. What I wondering is, when you use a sugar substitute like swerve - non impact on blood sugars- do you count the carbohydrates that are listed or not? I don’t want to over dose my kiddo and have her drop too low because I counted a non impact carbohydrate.

@Mrs633 Hi Allison and Welcome to the JDRF TypeOneNation Forum! Your questions and tips about living with diabetes, from a mother’s viewpoint, and your gripes and frustrations are welcome here.

I haven’t knowingly consumed “swerve” but a rule I follow when eating prepared supposedly “sugar free” foods is to count the carbohydrates listed on the food label as carbohydrates in my insulin dose. What I suggest for your daughter, as each of us is different, is to cautiously dose with insulin and observe what happens; it can be a matter of trial & error.
A general rule that I have adopted during my seven decades with using insulin is, when in question, use my lower estimate - if I guess wrong, I can take more insulin later and this path avoids