Sugar the Bitter Truth

Did you know that high fructose corn syrup is in almost every product on the market.  It is metabolized just like fat and a high fructose corn syrup diet in essence is a high fat diet.  It is really contributing to childhood obesity and to obesity in general in a big way.  Below is the link to my post and to many more posts by the San Diego chapter.  Please leave some comments.  Would love to hear from you.

Actually, yes, I did know this, and do everything within my power to avoid it.  If I want a sweet, I rarely eat it if it's from the store.  I usually do it myself, but then again, I'm not a huge sweets person.  I cook all my own food as much as possible.  

Worst of all eating white bread or rolls or any highly processed food is like eating empty calories.All the ingrediants are very rapidly digested and converted to glucose. The glucose and ends up around your butt and tummy as fat. I ate a white roll and BS shotup to 362 in approx 1 hour. If you would like to keep the weight down abstain from all processed foods.