Sugar the Bitter Truth

Did you know that high fructose corn syrup has made it's way into almost every food product on the market and that a high fructose diet is very similar to a high fat diet.  They are both metabolized by the liver in the same way.  Below is a link ot my post and to a bunch more posts from the San Diego chapter

If you're trying to avoid high fructose corn syrup, there's a lot more made without it recently, esp at stores like Trader Joe's and Whole Foods. I'd just read labels, but you can find them if you look!

But, it could also be a good excuse to trade some fruits, veggies, nuts, beans, etc. for processed foods. (:

Big Lots has lots of no high fructose corn syrup food and it is really nice and cheap. Even lots of foods without food coloring. yum yum.

So I did learn something very icky.... years ago companies like ocean spray and other fruit drink makers used to have less carbs. Their cranberry juice only had 16 grams of carbs per serving. I found out when I found a 15 year old juice container in the back of my dad's pantry. lol.

No high fructose corn syrup either. sh1t just wasn't as sweet. >,> I can't stand juice now adays, tooo sweet.

I wish we had Big Lots near us. ):

That is scary about the cranberry juice -- I never drink it b/c of all the sugar, but isn't something like 38 grams of carbs a serving now??

Now that is really interesting. 

I can't drink fruit juice out of the container, WAY too sweet, I feel like I am drinking syrup. I always dilute it in water. Lowers the carbs and more drinkable!

I agree Sarah.  As a society we have gotten so used to having processed foods in our diet.  It is time to get back to basics.  I have been on a very low carbohydrate diet and am trying to keep the processed foods to a minimum in my diet.  Yes, I have started to read labels and am on the lookout for fructose on the label. 

There is alot of talk about the Paleolithic diet and helping to control diabetes.  Thanks for your post.

I agree and juice is loaded with carbs.  Just not worth it to drink it.  Just means having to use more insulin to cover it.  There are loads of other good low carb foods available it makes sense to consume those.  I happen to like sugar free pudding by Snack Pack.  It is not exactly a natural product but the good news is that it is not that high in carbs, only 11g  and only 60 cal and doesn't contain fructose.  It does contain sucralose.  Have you found some soemwhat low carb snacks that you like ?

I just bought Diet Cranberry juice the other day.  I thought I would add some club soda and mint for a low carb drink.  I get tired of drinking water.  I have let sucralose (Splenda) into my diet. Otherwise, it makes for a very monotonous eating plan that is hard to live with.  Diet Cranberry juice by Ocean Spray is 5 cal. per 8 oz. glass, 2g carbs  and has Splenda in it.  What do you like to drink besides water ?

Hi Terry,


What do you lilke to drink ?  Have you found any good low carb snacks that don't have fructose in them ?

I like to dilute my juice with club soda and add mint and sliced lemons or oranges.

[quote user="Sarah"]

I wish we had Big Lots near us. ):

That is scary about the cranberry juice -- I never drink it b/c of all the sugar, but isn't something like 38 grams of carbs a serving now??


Have you ever tried the Ocean Spray diet cranberry juice.  I can't remember what the carb count is for a serving but I know it isn't very much.

I like to drink Crystal Light or Walmart's Great Value brand of lemonade.  I try to avoid anything that has the label of splenda on it.  Once I tried some canned fruit that had splenda and couldn't stand it.  I would much rather buy the canned fruit that indicates being in it's own juice.

This will probably irk people but I remember when sodas went from using real sugar to HFCS. I was still pretty young but remembered the adults talking about it and the difference in the taste of my Shasta lol I dont really see how it adds to being over weight. I wasnt until my teen years and my two younger sisters who ate and drank the same things as me were skinny. Genetics and over eating makes us fat even if you over eat 100% organic foods you are going to gain weight and be over weight. I find people need to blame situations on something. With autism its the vaccinations with over weight kids its HFCS. Its called lazy parenting its called fast food its called meals in a box its consuming to MUCH of the wrong things. I have never once not bought something because of HFCS and Riley is at a healthy weight for her size. She always has been and never even chubby. Now I dont buy juices with carbs in them unless its for her lows. We use the fake crystal light from walmart or diet sodas. Tho we mostly drink water day to day.  I dont know, I am anti conspiracy theories for every one study that says something is bad you have just as many that says its fine. More than worrying if something has it or not I think if people just practiced a little moderation in their lives everything would be better no matter whats in what.

Jessica, I totally agree with you that it's really lack of exercise and too much food that's leading to obesity! (And, about the vaccine / ASD thing ... totally agree there!). But, from what I've read, scientifically solid studies have been done that showed that eating the same amount of food / number of calories, either w/ or w/o HFCS, you'll gain more weight with the HFCS. As many of us T1's deal with being slightly overweight, I personally like to keep it in mind as one of many healthy choices I try to make...

See that is the thing tho I can google studies that say its fine and the same as real sugar it all depends on who is running the studies and what they want the out comes to be. I believe that with everything so I believe nothing and just try and balance everything the best I can. I dont run out and buy things with it in it on purpose but I dont avoid it either. Most of the stuff I buy is meats veggies and fresh fruits so I dont bother with label readying when I buy the other stuff because I feel even if its got crud in it we eat enough good to balance the bad. Oh and i am over weight but its from eating half a cow and 1/4 acre garden at ever meal lol. I over eat and know it and sit on my butt to much.

as far as calorie content goes sugar and HFCS have the exact same calories, so weight gain wouldn't occur because of a difference in the calorie content. however, because HFCS is metabolized differently, it is used and stored differently by the body. as i understand it, sugar is metabolized mainly by the pancreas as other carbohydrates are whereas HFCS is metabolized mainly by the liver like fats are (someone please correct me if this is wrong).

and despite knowing all this information, i still eat HFCS. i have enough things i have to be concerned with regarding my diet so HFCS is on the bottom of my list. i'm all about buying fresh foods and making things from scratch because fresh products (or fresh-frozen products) have the best nutrient content. but if i want some chocolate, i'll take the HFCS along with it :o)

also, as long as we recognize the basics of what causes weight gain and how weight loss is acheived, it isn't going to matter much whether or not we consume HFCS. if you're someone concerned with weight gain/weight loss, let me know. i will be happy to help you out :D

I'm confused.  Isn't all sugar metabolized through your liver?  I though all sugar was stored as glycogen in the liver, and also in the muscles, but I'm pretty clueless about these things. 

I agree with C about weight gain/loss.  Aside from causing greater weight gain than other forms of sugar, HFCS doesn't seem to contribute to any other health problems so moderation seems fine.  But I personally dislike very processed foods so I end up avoiding it much of the time anyway.

you could be right, katie. which organ breaks down what food has always confused me. time to break out the nutrition books again... but they just got packed into a box.

according to this ( ) it looks like the pancreas breaks down CHO, prot, and fat while the liver/gallbladder help to breakdown just fat.

glycogen is the storage form of extra CHO. when the CHO has been broken down by the pancreas and used where it can be, the extra CHO are stored in the liver and muscles as glycogen (just like you said). when the body then has some need for this extra CHO, the liver breaks it down from glycogen back into glucose. 

does that make more sense? i can be very confusing...


OK, I am confused!!! All of our food is broken first before it gets to the liver and other stuff??? What I remember from science was 1st there chewing and saliva, then stomach, small intestines, this is where the pancreas gives us most of our digestion juice LOL with the gall bladder supplying bile for the fat and then large intestines finishing with removing water and out the back??? Once in the blood the liver and pancreas (beta cells) balance stuff??? So my question is does the villa pass something different from corn sugar than other sugars?? I mean even complex sugars get broken to simple before entering the blood. Do all sugars complex and simple have to be glucose in the blood????