Suggestion from un-educated grocery employee...not needed!

Recently at the grocery store I was having low blood sugar at check-out.  I grabbed a York patty, opened it up and gave the young cash register employee the rapper to scan.  I explained that I needed to eat the sugar "now" because of low blood sugar.  He replied:  "What you need is protein."  I did not appreciate that comment, I know he thought he knew what was best for me.  My response was short and to the point.  I told him..."I am on Insulin, have Type I Diabetes and what I NEED is SUGAR!."  He just stared at me with this look like I was crazy. (ha) I may have looked a little intoxicated, not sure.  What I REALLY wanted to say was:

"Since you know what is best for me, let me eat these cheese crackers instead and after I pass out (I was real low) will you please call 911 and in the meantime if I can swallow will you give me something sweet to drink or put syrup on my gums?  My children will need someone to watch them, so please arrange for their care while I am taken to the hospital.  You can find emergency numbers on my cell phone.  One more thing, if I have a seizure, please clear the area and catch me before I hit my head!  Thanks!" 


I am so with you Val