Suggestions Pump Placement/ Accessories

Hello! This is my first post on Juvenation. I just started on an insulin pump last week (Animas Ping)! Currently I am clipping the pump to my waistband. I was wondering if anyone could suggest other comfortable options for pump placement? Also, could anyone recommend any websites that sell pump accessories?

Thanks - Rachelle!

I have been on a pump since last September. Sometimes, depending on what shirt I wear I found that clipping the pump to my bra is convenient. Usually though, I stick with the waistband or place it in my pocket. Also, I get my "supplies" from (Medtronic) and they have a few accessories. If you want to make your pump more "you", lets you customize a sticker-like decal that can be removed if/when you want to change the look of it. (You can even upload photos for a one of a kind design)  Happy Pumping! It sure beats daily multiple shots :-)

Cell Phone cases are the way to go. It is convenient holds you pump safely and NO BODY notices it. Whenever I see a display of cell phone cases I whip out my pump and just start trying them all out. They can be super cute or protective. I'm even going to be picking one of at the hardware store for when I go to camp. If your pump doesn't fit perfectly just mod the case with a little foam.

The other thing I like is my water proof pouch for when I'm going to be around water. it isn't cute or discreet but it gets the job done. I found one that i like at for half the price that they are on other websites.

Other then that i just tailor my cloths and panties to hold the pump.

I either put it in my pocket or when I have a dress on a wear an elastic belt that has a little pump pouch on it. I cannot wear it on my belt or anything with a clip because I damaged it too much by walking into walls haha

Yeah if your pump co. supports SkinIt, definitely invest in some skins! I put one on a year ago, and it is still just like new, no peeling or tearing or anything! It's blue and green and purple squares in a pattern. I love it.

I always use the pump clip to clip it to my waistband, or else it goes in my pocket. I just clip it to a pair of shorts under a dress usually, but I don't wear dresses much anyway.

My pump is either in my pocket, clipped to my waistband (pump facing in, clip facing out), clipped to the middle of my bra, or tucked into my underwear on my hipbone. 

The only place I have sufficient fat on me that makes the pump disappear (i don't have a clip) is on my butt.  If I'm not wearing jeans, I put it in the backside, top part of my underwear.  I'm jealous of women with curves who can hide it everywhere.  If I remember correctly, it didn't work to do that for my senior prom and I ended up shoving it right under my armpit in my bra.  That was awkward when it was time to bolus at dinner :o) but it worked.

Pockets are number one for me. If I have to wear a dress I am likely wearinf panty hose too so I will tuck it in the waistband and the pantyhose hold it in place against my belly.