Need suggestions for my clear liquid diet for my colonoscopy tomorrow. Thanks !!! We're getting regular jello and such. Funny that all the clear stuff in the house is sugar-free. LOL

I drank diet sprite before my colonoscopy in 2002. Clear SF jellos are good. I think my doc said I could have clear or yellow colored liquids. Maybe lemonade, lemon jello, etc would be OK. You could call your doc and see.

Maybe powerade zero, the blue is good.

You can have broth (chicken or beef).  Jello is good but  no RED.

broth, jell-o, and clear juices is (sadly) all you're allowed. no OJ - that's not clear! you can also have popsicles and clear pop (like 7up or sprite or something).

Yuck!  Something for me to look forward to.(NOT!)  I was going to say It all works its way out in the end, but I think I will spare you that comment.  Good Luck!

Good Luck with your colonoscopy tomorrow...hope all goes well!

Thanks everyone!!!!! This is so much fun!! LOL The only good thing is my bs has been great, even a few 100's.

So, how did it go?  Have you recovered?  Best wished coming your way from the north side of town!

All is good, but I have internal hemorrhoids and just need a higher fiber diet. No polyps!!!! 

I find it hard with T1 balancing getting enough fiber w/ not eating too many carbs. I eat lots of fruits and veggies, and beans, but they don't seem to have as much as good old whole wheat pasta, bread, rice, which I rarely eat!