Summer activities

waterslides, trampoline, swimming... its all summer stuff.

i dont know what to do with my pump for any of this.

at the waterslides, i stay there all day. i dont know what to do because i only eat 2 times while im there. i cant where it on the slides because it will get wet but waiting in the lineups can take a while and its not that much excercise...

swimming i can just take it off. i only go for about an hour.

on the trampoline, i could land on it. how do i keep it safe?

what kind of meter do you have? some are water proof, like animas. if you're there all day you could go to shots for the day. it seems there is a lot more activity involved than you think, other than standing in line. you could always disconnect for say an hour while you're on the slides, afterwards go reconnect then check your bs  and bolus as/if necessary.


same with the trampolin. check ure sugar before, disconnect and go. then check again after whenyou reconnect.  the activity of it all will help keep your bs down.

As far as water slides go, I always just disconnect and lock it up in a locker, for example. I retrieve it for meal times for insulin, but especially when you're exercising vigorously your blood sugars should ride fairly easily (I apologise if that was misspelled). Also, my doctors taught me that one can disconnect from the pump as long as one takes 1/2 the missed insulin from basal. Only do this, however, if it's something your doctors want you to do :)

For trampolene, I'm willing to bet you're probably OK wearing the pump. Just clip it on or stick it in a pocket, tuck in the tubing, and if there isn't anything hard to hit it on everything should work out alright. Of course, you could always just disconnect again so that you aren't taking chances with it, and like above take some missed insulin as you don't want to mess up your D care if you're on the trampolene a lot, but it's all up to you.