Summer camps brooklyn ny

Our 12 year old son was diagnosed one year ago. Has never been to sleep away camp. Not sure I want to send him to a sleep away camp. Looking for suggestions for a summer camp. Kind of stinks that he can’t go to a “regular” camp because they aren’t staffed with a nurse to deal with his injections. Thanks.


There are camps that cater to kids with type 1 diabetes and from what I have heard, they can be a great experience. I have never been, and I cannot recommend any camps, but a quick search came up with Camp Nejeda (it’s quite near me by the way). Please don’t give up hope. the camp Nejeda web site is here

good luck.

@sugarmag666 I am 14 years old and i attend a summer camp and it is not a diabetes camp it is a regular day camp.At this camp there are certified lifeguards and medical staff that are like nurses.

I’ve had T1 for half a year now and I’ve spent to weeks in Sweden. That’s when I stopped weighing everything and started estimatig, which was a totally game-changing experience. I gave some documents to the staff and everything went well. In my opinion it’s a good idea not to be reminded too much of your diabetes during the holidays…