Summer Child Care?


My daughter is a recently diagnosed T1D. I recently started thinking about summer… What does everyone do with their T1 kids over summer break? I have to work, so I need to find a child care/day camp that she can go to each day.

Any ideas? (We’re in the metro Atlanta area if you know of any specific places)

My son Niklas has been diabetic since he was 17 months. For the past 5 years, I have had a babysitter/nanny for the summer for him and my other kids. The first one was a nursing student and she trained really well. She ended up showing her best friend how to care for him and she was amazing! Last summer I had a gal who is also diabetic. I met her and her mom through networking with the JDRF in Ohio and through facebook (believe it or not!) If you are near a school for nurses you may want to post there that you are looking for a nanny for the summer. Nursing students are wonderful because they don’t fear taking care of your child and they are excellent resources! If you have a local chapter of the JDRF in your area, you can attend a few events and network that way. Diabetes camps are great but don’t last for the summer. Good Luck!!!

Last summer in June my son, now 11, was diagnosed. We have focused on him having a normal (albeit new normal) life so we worked with the camps he was originally signed up for. I was amazed and delighted with how much support we found. In fact, at one camp there were 2 T1D camp counselors so that was really great for him to see. We were too late to sign him up for diabetes camp and at that point I don’t think I could have let him go–was too new and just scary for me–
In terms of working with the “regular” camps we (my husband and I) took turns going at lunch time to do his BG check and to help with his insulin injections as the camps we had signed him up for didn’t have a nurse available–plus, I really wanted to check in with him at those times–again, all very new to us at that point. We instructed the camp on what to do if he displayed signs of being low and he had fast acting glucose with him at all times. He also carried a cell phone and they agreed he could use it at any time to check in with us. He had a great summer and gained a lot of skills and confidence about managing this disease. I should say that my husband and I have a lot of flexibility in our jobs which made all of this possible. Would love to hear what others do.