Summer scavenger hunt

A little game my work crew is playing while we are all on summer vacation...thought it might be fun here too since we are all spread out all over.

So while you are traveling home, working the summer jobs, or chilling with a beverage, be on the lookout for the following and post a picture here too (photos of random strangers encouraged):

Summer Scavenger Hunt
1. Craziest mustache
2. Lowest gas price
3. Most tragic bathing suit/clothing choice
4. Biggest summer smile
5. Funniest restaurant name
6. Oldest drunk person
7. Best vanity license plate
8. Someone "planking"
9. Most unique wildlife sighting
10. Best sunburn

Haha. Pretty cool. What's planking? I'm old and out of the loop.


HA! that's entertaining.

This is the best I've got to get us started....and yes, I realize sunscreen applied evenly would have been a better choice :)


I was going for stripes and'd I do?