Summer Vacation

Ok, school is now out for the summer and I don't know how to effectively help manage my 9 yr old (dxd 3/20/10) blood sugars and insulin shots.  Do any more experienced parents have suggestions on ways to allow him to be active but also safe.  He's the type of kid who likes to take off and go to friends houses and be out and about and finally come home around night time.  He's got a cell phone, he takes his own blood sugars but he does not give himself his insulin shots. 

Since he was just dxd in March, he's not a candidate for the continous pumps etc... 

Any thoughts or suggestions most welcome.

Thanks Moriah



Hi, Moriah,

Our son is also 9, dx 5/13/09.  In my opinion, you really only have two options.  Either your son has to come home for all meals and snacks so you can give him his injections, or the parent/adult at the homes he is going to and eating at have to be trained to give him his insulin.  I know it's tough having to rein in our kids' play and socializing, but some changes have to be made to keep them healthy.