Summit in Bethesda, MD this weekend

Anyone going to the Summit in Bethesda, MD this weekend? If so, just wanted to plug a friend of mine who will be there signing books. Maureen is a pediatrician and allergist/immunologist and was Director of Medical Education at Walter Reed National Military Medical Center. She also has a daughter with Type 1 diabetes. She has now launched a new career as a physician life coach helping parents with children who have chronic health issues.

I’ve known Maureen for many years. The first time we spoke, I discovered she also had a t1d daughter, and we had such a great conversation about our special kids and life with t1d. She always impresses me with her knowledge, expertise and perspective. I am not surprised she has moved in this direction and excited for her.

She helps parents strengthen and improve their emotional health so they can be more confident in their parenting and enjoy life despite their child’s health challenges.

Check out her website at and look out for her at the Summit. Thanks!