This is my first completed painting since diagnosis just under a year ago. I have been struggling with the fear of death and this new fragility... The piece is called "In my beginning is my end", in reference to a T. S. Eliot poem I love. It felt wonderful to complete it, since there was a moment when I thought I never would.

That's so beautiful. I love how you used your art to help fight through the beggining. It can be really hard. It does get better though!! Keep painting! :)

i love this. <3 so beautiful.

this is gorgeous!

That is amazing! You can see the feelings of the artist coming out of the painting

That is so beautiful and amazing!!!! You can definitely see emotions the artist puts forth.

Absolutely beautiful! The art itself and the meaning behind it. I fight the hardest of my struggles through art, specifically painting, so everything about this I can relate to and so appreciate.