Supplements----Vitamin D

I have been reading a lot that vitamin D is really helpfull to diabetics for insulin resistance and then helping with diabetics with numbers out of control. Well I dont have the insulin resistance part but cant seem to get my numbers under control on the shots and a pump just isnt possible right now. Well what I was wondering is how much do you have to take of the Vitamin D to get the proper levels of the vitamin ? Also has anyone been taking vitamin D and noticed that it has possibly caused a change in the diabetes. I did read an article in Oprah Magazine but cant seem to find the article any more

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks


Hey Sarah-

I don't think it will make any big changes in your blood sugars, but diabetics frequently have low levels of Vitamin D.  Some researchers think that's why D is more common in far northern countries where there is less sunlight. 

My endo just recommended I take 2000u a day of Vitamin D.  You can find chewable orange tablets and Whole Foods also has a yummy lemon gummy one.   The best source of Vitamin D is sunlight, so get outside time as much as possible.

Do you do intensified insulin therapy (where you adjust your short acting insulin to correct high bs and cover carbs eaten)?  It means you have to do more shots, but can help your control be a little better.  I wasn't able to control my bs well with shots either.  Hopefully you'll be able to try a pump sometime in the future.

Take care.


Hi all! I've never had my blood serum Vitamin D checked, but my endo recommends 1,000 international units per day. I am 24 and live an active lifestyle, for the most part. I've never noticed a change in my numbers from taking it; I wonder if they were referring to the 50,000 international unit capsule?

I've never heard that vit D can help BG levels either -- I'd take anything in O Magazine w/ a grain of salt, lol. But, most endos test levels regularly now to make sure your levels aren't low. I'm on OTC supplements now myself.

I have been taking Vit. D (prescription) 50000 international units 1 a week for about a year now. It has brought my levels up considerably. I have not noticed any changes with my bs.

Thank You everyone for the information on the Vitamin D. I wasnt sure if what I was reading was holding true or not. Another thing that I have been looking at are those multi vitamin packs from wal mart that are in the diabetics section. I cant remember all of them right now but I think there are like 3 or 4. I know one of them are called multi betic or something like that ? I am just thinking that some sort of vitamin might do  me a little bit of good at least.

As for the intensified insulin thing I am thinking that is what my doctor has me working on. Its taking insulin for correction plus for the carb ratios. So it does sounds really familiar. I was actually on an insulin pump lasst year and I was on it for about 2 years and it helped me imensely. It was a night and day difference with my blood sugars from the pump to being on the shots but I ended up having a big run around with DHS that I turned in my forms about 8 hours late and they cut my insurance off. Well now I have applied for another type of insurance through DHS and that was back in october and as far as I know they only have 45 days to make a decision. I understand with the holidays and what not but give me a break. 2 and 1/2 months ?!?!?!?! NO!!!! I have been calling for about 2 or 3  weeks now and havent heard anything about a decision so I am going to let them have about 2 days this week and then seek legal help. Someone I know actually gave me the number of a public defender so I am going to try contacting him probably thursday and see if he can help me. I havent been able to go to a DR now since september and havent had blood work done since probably june or so. With a diabetic I know that isnt a good thing plus I am having some other health issues now so I need to go see a Dr and get some things done but with DHS dragging their feet on this I cant. (( Sorry for the rant I am just tired of dealing with them and getting a complete run around)) Anyways back to the pump. I am hoping that I can possibly run it through insurance and see if they will cover it again if I ever find out that I do get into the program.

Call around to a couple clinics in your area - our local clinic just started a service where you can go get labs done for a set amount without a doctor's orders. So you can go in and get an A1C, fasting glucose, etc. and each test is $10-20 (I think, in any case, it seemed reasonable to me). You might be able to get a serum Vit D test too.

Most of what I have read about Vit D is that you can safely take 1000 to 2000 IU a day as an adult. Some Vit D experts recommend more like 5000 to 10000 IU a day.) I live in Northern WI and don't see much sun in the winter so I take 5000 IU a day. My T1 son and my daughter each take 1000 IU a day - we use adult gummy vits for them. I don't see any difference in my son's BGs if we miss a day - I think it just helps with his overall health.

Good luck with your insurance issues.

I take 2000IUs a day.  I don't notice a change in my BGs though....