What supplements do you take?

I take:

Fish Oil

Flax Seed Oil

Probiotic Supplement

Vitamin D3

Garlic Oil


Alpha Lipoic Acid

Coenzyme Q10

Prenatal Vitamin

Same as you, with a few differences

1. - No PN Vitamin, but I do take a multi-vitamin

2. I don't take the Flax Seed Oil

3. I take a powdered Garlic supplement instead of the oil

4. I take a bunch of theoretically eye related stuff:

    Bilberry, Zeaxanthan, and a Full Spectrum Carotenoid Complex

5. Nattokinase

I also take a pomegranate supplement every now and again...



Do you take these supplements as recommended by your doctor?  My diabetes educator or endo has yet to recommend me taking supplements. Do they help?


I have found that my doctor is a good source of information on side-effects and conflicts.  My approach has been to review the research I can find and then to ask, "I am thinking of taking this with my other items, do you see any risks that should concern me?"

According to all my physicians none of the supplements on the market can do any good.  I do not believe that is true and there is research (some of it good) that seems to indicate this is not true.  So, I look to them to alert me of potential harm and I try not to add more than one thing at a time.

Hope this helps...



I've found I'm in the same boat. I have had the pump long enough that that isn't the same reason, but with college I have been slipping a little. I try to have a sandwich and some fruit or salad at every meal, but it gets old and I honestly can't tell you how good a taco salad sounds every now and then. However, I find that if I make time to work out and find slight variety in my meals then it's not so much a problem. Of course, finals week I can't be talking about how perfect I am and go to the gym for an hour every day, because I don't. Plus, people seem to get the impression you need junk food in your care packages... funny people.