Supplies "for the asking"


possibly many have already seen this, but if not this link for supplies showed up in a recent e-newsletter from Integrated Diabetes Services:


Thank you “R” for posting this.

As you know, we have members looking to donate unneeded supplies when they update technologies, and others who are desperately in need of necessary insulin and equipment.
I’ve “pinned” this Topic at the top of General category for the next two weeks.

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Thanks for the heads up

Hi Dennis - I do have LOTS of extra Basaglar, since my daughter has not moved to the Tandem Control IQ and uses different insulin for the cartridges. If you think this is a legitimate source, I can ship them there, just have to figure out refrigeration…

Angelica @Angelph this organization is recognized by the professional diabetes educators and by JDRF; I don’t have personal experience with them.

As for refrigeration, quite possibly at this time of year refrigeration would not be needed.