Supplies I want to give away (G6 sensors and more)

I have switched from the Dexom G6 to the FreeStyle Libre 2. So I have some supplies left over I would love to give to someone that needs them. Also, my pharmacy sent me pen needles instead of syringes and says I should throw them away. I also have a few other things.

Here’s what I got. Please let me know if you would like anything.

  1. 5 Dexcom G6 sensors.
  2. Dexcom G6 receiver.
  3. 400 0.25m x 8 mm x 5/16" droplet pen needles.
  4. A ton of One Touch lancets.

If you want any of this stuff please let me know. I hate to throw it away.


I could use extra sensors for the G 6

I would be grateful for the receiver, if it’s still available.

I could use a couple g6 sensors also until I find another solution


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