Hi there,

Is it possible to purchase supplies through craigslist or eBay? My insurance charges me a ridiculous amount for a 30-day supply, and a 90-day supply is even worse.

I hate constantly bugging my doctor or her Medtronic rep. for samples; I just don't handle asking for handouts very well.. so..


Have you ever done this? If so, was it a good experience?

I need supplies and can't afford them, quick sets and infusions!!  any help?

Hello all,

I came across this conversation pretty late in the game -April, 2015. Looks like the conversation started in 2010.

If you’re still around the site, I wonder if you were successful in finding a way to get medtronic supplies outside of medtronic.

If so, I would LOVE to get your help. Any little bit of help will be greatly appreciated.