Supply Bag, what does your teen use?

When my son asked me to carry his supply bag so he 'could be normal like everyone else' when we went to the mall one day, I went on a search to find him a small and manly type bag to carry his stuff in.  I finally found a sling type backpack.  I have looked and looked for something that wasn't girlish, but a lot of the supply totes out there for diabetics are really geared more for girls/women.  You would think after this long of trying to find something I would just figure out how to make it lol.  At home, I keep all of his stuff on top of the fridge in a basket and he comes and fills up when his supplies are getting low and he has a shelf in the fridge as well. 

I also bought him clear plastic makeup bags to keep the short needles in and another one for his Lantus needles. He isn't on the pump and doesn't have an interest in it, although I wish he would be more susceptible to it he just doesn't like change very much.

His bag is similar to the one shown here at Target

Cole is using the insulated lunch bag that he got at the hospital -- been debating at looking into something else.  I went out and got a few oversized bags for me - so that when we are together I can shove it into my purse and he doesn't have to carry it. ,   

Alec has the insulated lunch box/bag thing too. The times he might need his kit after school I let him take the whole thing to school with him. He actaully lost the kit twice now. Last time I had to drive back to school and beg the school custodians to open classrooms so I could look for it we stopped and bought him another monitor.

Now I have a few strips, his poker, and his monitor in a very small little pack and I make him keep it in his pocket (can't loose it that way). He keeps his insulin in the school office for before lunch.  I carry his pack in my huge purse - if he needs it for some reason (snack or correction) I will just run it over to him.

Do your kids carry glucagon? I know were suppose to.

Mom son puts his test kit (meter, poker, test strips) in his backpack and leaves it in his locker at school during the day.  He gets it out to go to the nurse to check before lunch then puts it back.  Very small.  And, no, he doesn't carry glucagon although I gave one to the nurse at school to keep til the end of the school year.

We have had to beg the custodians as well.  I have an extra kit at home but only one pen opened at a time as we do not go through more than one b4 they expire.  Also just have one good glucagon kit as the other one was left out at a ski race once and may have frozen.  I like the somewhat insulated bags - but would love to find something a bit nicer looking and not so obvious.

He does carry the glucagon kit with him at all times because he is in so many sports and many right after school. I do make sure his coaches and a few adults at school no how to use it.  For the most part we have just had to use it as a threat.  For some reason when he is really low he gets defiant and refuses to eat or drink - even though he knows he is low.