Support/Friendships for 13YO

Hi. My daughter will be 13 in November and has had T1D for 8 years. She has met a few other kids her age who have also been diagnosed but I think it would be good for her to meet and talk with kids her age who are dealing with similar issues. She tends to feel alone and “different”.

I have seen the Sugar Free Gang but they did not meet last year and their schedule is not out for this year. Are there any other groups where kids can get together?

Hi @Skelly81 . You could check with her school and see if there are any other students with Type1. HIPAA wouldn’t allow them to share their contact info but you you could share yours/hers and see if you get any “bites.”

Sarah @Skelly81, I’m not a kid her age, but I do have some suggestions.

Just in the last month, I saw a girl post here for the first time as she had her 13th birthday and was newly eligible for Membership; she said she was diagnosed at age 6 just like your daughter - perhaps they might be able to connect.

Have you looked for a JDRF Chapter near you. At the top of this page, select “EVENTS” tab, and then “JDRF Near You”; enter your zip code and see if there is a Chapter near you - also look for activities that may be listed. The Chapter near me has a couple of sub-groups, including one for younger kids with diabetes, and separate groups for teens and young adults. She may find someone there with whom she can connect.

And, Sarah, Welcome to the JDRF TypeOneNation Forum!

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