Support Groups

Does anyone know how to find a local support group in a big city (Indianapolis)?  I was diagnosed with Type 1 a little later in life (43).  I am still trying to sort things out. I do not personally know anyone in this same situation, and I would like to have someone to talk to, get ideas from and get support from.  It seems that Type 1's have different issues than Type 2's.  Thanks in advance.

Hmmm I come from a bit smaller of a place then Indianapolis, but what i tried doing was talking to my diabetes educator and dietician. they sometimes put on group things for us people with type 1. I agree that Type 1's have different issues as well. I think your best hope would be talking to your diabetes nurse/educator if you have one.

Hope i helped :)

You have hit a nerve. I went online and to my local JDRF chapter over 5 years ago searching for adult T1 support groups and came up empty. The good news is that today JDRF chapters do outreah and they are putting support groups and other outreach functions in place for T1s of all ages. I am working to start an adult T1 group with my local chapter soon.

Contact your JDRF chapter and talk to whoever is leading their outreach effort. If they do not have a group today, encourage them, maybe even work with them, to start one.


You can also talk about T1 stuff here online. any problems u might have.