Support with young kids

My son has only been diagnosed for 1 year and I still struggle from day to day. Looking for someone who is in my shoes or someone who also has a young son with t1d.

hello @Grimm15 Andrea and Welcome to Type One Nation.

We have several parents here and I hope they respond. In my experience, Diabetes is something that has to be managed day to day. This is a disease where you, as caregiver, or the person with T1, has to be their own primary care decision maker. We’d all like to be able to take 1 pill and be ok, diabetes is continuous food-activity-insulin and adjustment. I must admit, I’ve been doing this for 41 years and I can struggle from day-to-day.

I hope you have access to a CDE as is often the case, a growing boy will need adjustments in insulin therapy and meals. I hope you have access to an endocrinologist. Technology does not make this disease go away but pumps and CGM can make management more “real-time”, compared with limited blood sugar testing and even aggressive blood sugar testing and MDI.

I hope you cna take advantage of a JDRF chapter, if you click this link and put your zip code in:

you can hopefully find a JDRF near you where you may find other peers in the same situation you can .network with.

Finally, my son does not have diabetes, but we are all here to help. We have thousands of combined years of expertise here. IF you have a specific question please do not be afraid to ask.