Supporting diabetes research

Hey guys! My name is Anna Melissa and I am fifteen. I do not have diabetes. However, when Nick Jonas revealed that he has diabetes, I decided that I would research on what diabetes REALLY IS and the affects on the person's body. I realized that I could be of significance in the lives of diabetics all over the world. Just recently, I launched a site called Slow Down Sugar Solutions. This website promotes JDRF and Nick Jonas' charity Change For the Children Foundation. Through this site, I hope to raise awareness about diabetes and help aid in the amount of donations towards JDRF, Change For the Children, and the 5 foundations affiliated with CFTC. Soon, I will launch online campaigns and hopefully be able to start handing out fliers around my high school to spread awareness! :] 

So please check out my site. I would appreciate it if you would add me. I do not have a regular www. site yet. (I need to reach a certain friend count to get one)

Also, I posted a blog and pictures from the JDRF Walk To Find a Cure on November 1, 2008 with Nick Jonas. (WORDS TO DESCRIBE THE EVENT: TRULY INSPIRING.)

Very Cool!!!!!!!

Gotta love Nick Jonas!!!!!!!!!!!

That's great!!!  Sounds like you are sure doing a lot to raise awareness of diabetes.  My daughter, Paige, has had diabetes for almost 5 years, so it sure means a lot to me to see teens like yourself helping out!!!


Nick Jonas is definitely an inspiration to all diabetic kids!  :-)

What you've done is so great! I'll check out your site very soon!

thank you so much! if ever you guys have any suggestions on how to raise awareness, please email me at because the more i am able to do.. the more awesome my site would be! :]

Ooh, this is fabulous! I wish I had known go-getters like you when I was in high school!


I'm going to look at your website now!


Its awsome to see that even though someone might not have Diabetes, that they can still get so into helping those who do. Im definately adding that myspace page to my friends list!

I love this!  It means so much to me when people, esp those not directly connected to diabetes, do so much to help out!  You are wonderful and an inspiration to all of us :)


Wow, that's so wonderful - good for you!!

Thanks for all you do to help those w/D..

I had an awards party to give out plaques to those who participated in "The Walk" this year in my town. It was amazing how many non-D's out there attend and support JDRF..


Rock on!!




thats awesome! when nick announced that he had diabetes i was literally crying!! I really dont like having diabetes at times and so i really didnt want it to be true that he had to go through all of the same things!

gonna go look at ur site now!


Thats amazing that you would do so much for JD, especially for not having it! You are a truly inspiring person yourself, and if more people in this world were like you, i sincerely believe we would have a cure for not only Diabetes, but other major diseases like cancer.

Keep up the good work!