Sure - T Infusion Set

Hey guys,

So I've been having spiky blood sugars lately, and I'm on the Minimed Paradigm 722 with the Quicksets.

My CDE wants me to try the Sure - T Sets instead, because apparently they've helped another of her patients. They have a needle that stays in I guess...?

Has anyone had any experience with these?

Also, I'm practically barfing at the idea of manually inserting this thing. Suggestions?



they are slapped on, no harder than an injection with a pen.  you can probably get a few for free from minimed to look at (or try).  since they are metal, they don't have the same issues with clogging (occlusion) that the teflon sets have.  =)

Yeah, its a shorter hard needle that stays in the body.

I personally, did not enjoy them.  I used it for about 6 months.  I could not put the sites on my hips, my waistband would take them out easier, so I put silhouette sites there and sure-ts on my stomach.

Try them and if they work, keep them, if not, toss them.

(Actually, I had to have my mother put them in for me--I also don't like the manual insert.)


We had this same issue with my daughter. She is only 5 and has been pumping for 2 years. She is very skinny and tends to have problems with kinking all the others. We switched to Sure-T's and what a difference. the needle is actually very small and they just came out with even smaller ones.  My daughter loves them and at the age of 5 she inserts them herself because it doesn't scare her like the insertion devices for the others.  call Medtronic and ask for a sample, they will send them for free. You may have to pay for shipping though. Once you try them you may find that you like them. I know courtney does and I enjoy not having to hold her down and do it for her. good luck!

Hmmm. I really don't know what to do. Today has been better than yesterday-- lowest was 54, highest 226-- so maybe I'll get back on track? Hopefully? I guess I will give my basal rate changes a couple more days, to see if that does anything. If it doesn't help, I'll try the Sure-Ts. My mom's calling tomorrow to have them sent.

I'm not really sure if kinking is the problem, or what. The one I took out yesterday had some blood in the cannula and there was actually a small bruise under my skin. This is very rare though. The thing I don't understand is, it seems that if my bg keeps going up and up after a set change, my pump doesn't register the "no delivery" for some reason. I'll know the site is bad, because I'm high or it's bloody, but I get no alarm. Shouldn't the pump be able to register this more closely?

I can't believe your daughter inserts them herself. That just blows my mind. I have never ever ever done an injection or inserted a set without a) my mother doing it for me, b) an Injectease, or c) the Quickserter. I can't bring myself to put the thing through my skin! Was she ever afraid of needles/doing it herself? Or is she just not bothered by it?

She once in a while is nervous about doing it but not scared.  She has grown up watching me do it so it was no big deal to her. She used to fight us when we used Quicksets or Silouettes but now she decided it doesn't hurt when she does it herself.. With the other types I wouldn't say she kinked them either, just that they seemed to move around alot and not work well. She too would not get the 'No delivery" but it was quite obvious that they were not working when we switched her to Sure-T's and instantly her numbers improved.

I am very proud of my daughter for doing it herself.  We make a big deal out of it every time to keep her encouraged to keep doing it. We do put the cream on to numb it for her.  I am a chicken myself though and won't insert a Quickset with out the Serter doing it. I think it is funny that after 20 years of shots, and 10 years on a pump I am now scared of doing it myself. I am so thankful for our pumps every single day.

Try them and see how you like them. Let me know what you think and good luck!