Surgery Highs?

So I got my wisdom teeth out yesterday and have been high ever since. I have used obscene amounts of insulin, doubled by basal and bolus, and still I am currently over 400. Is this normal? I’m still on pain meds, so could that affect my blood sugar? Is there anyway to drop my blood sugar?

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400 is too high. Call your doctor’s office and ask for instructions from the doc. After you come down let us know and we will talk about why its hard to bring down a high with just insulin.

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Hi @Darth_Yader . Are things any better for you yet? Pain meds can affect BG - ironically pain can too (we just can’t win, can we)? but hopefully things are headed back to normal.

Taylor @Darth_Yader, YES, there are ways to bring down your BG but I can’t post them here.

Any invasion of a body, such as surgery, can spike BGL and keep it high - was this removal of all four teeth and were they fukky errupted or impacted? Can make a big difference. And what type of medicines, and for how long will be you use those medicines.

Two suggestions; first check your acidosis level and if “high” consult a physician, and second take correction insulin shots [carefully] with needle and syringe rather than infusion with pump.

To add to what @Dennis said, keep your doctor posted, and be careful to avoid stacking insulin if you continue to run high. It’s tempting to keep adding on but our doesn’t necessarily help and could cause a crash later.


Dr said trauma to body and healing just messes with BS. Teeth were a normal extraction- nothing tricky Finally came down after 48 between 200-400. All good now. Thanks!


So happy to hear it’s better!
Stress and trauma (surgery etc) really affects my numbers. High numbers is not what you need when already miserable :weary:

It is for me. I think a lot of it is stress but I think also that the saline solution they give you if you go totally under has glucose in it. It seems to take forever to get a super high down.

One thing that works for me is to do cardio exercise. A 30min walk at a decent speed can drop my BG by 30-100mg.

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This. Having a surgery involves a lot of lying around both before and after. Your blood sugar went up and then you took insulin to bring it down but your cells were saying “no thanks, we don’t need any more glucose” because you were sitting on the couch instead of at water polo practice. Your body could make fat to clear the glucose but since you play water polo I’m going to guess your body isn’t used to having to make fat and was doing so slowly. Of course you can’t do cardio after surgery until the extra holes in your head are on their way to healing. Also only you and your doctor know what your DKA risk is which is why I suggested calling.

This is one of those diabetes no win scenarios. Think about what you can do differently next time before a procedure to avoid the high after.