Surgery in Legs

I have been bothered by an area on my shin that would not heal, after intense antibiotic rounds it healed and during my last visit to my doctor he told me that the pulse in my feet were barely detectable. He is sending me to an internist for tests and tells me that surgery is more likely than not, I still have to visit the vascular doctor. This would be to insert stents into my legs for better blood flow. Have any of you had this done ? or Know of any that has ? This has me freaked and I would like some input from you guys.

I have not personally had this done, but my mom has.  The stents held for a couple of months and then they collapsed and she had to have bypass to increase the blood flow.  However, the bypass was successful and she feels much better after having it.  Actually has to have it done on the other leg now, but is more optimistic this time since she's had success.  I think it may have been too far gone for the stents to work in her leg, but hopefully they'll hold up for you.  Good luck, I'll say a prayer!

Thank You Ellie - I will discuss that with the doctor Tuesday, great information! Thank you for the kind words and prayers too. It helps me also.

Ok after the ABI test and speaking with the dr. - there is no noticeable b/p difference between my arms and legs. I am so confused...  There is a noticeable lack of feeling, cramps, and 'on fire' feelings but blood flow is almost normal. Good news for me is - no stents or by-pass surgery - bad news - still looking for causes with my legs. The cramps and fire feeling is bothering me alot.  

Sounds like peripheral neuropathy to me