Surprise Jump in BG overnight. Any thoughts?

So I check my blood sugar around 9:00 last night and it's around 146, which my doctor says he wants it around or below 140 before I go to sleep, so I'm thinking that I'm pretty good here.  However, I find myself extremely hungry.  As I'm searching through my refridgerator I make sure to be careful to find something that doesn't have a lot of carbs as I don't want to boost my BG overnight.  So I decide to make myself some eggs and sausage.  Don't get me wrong I can eat a lot so I'm talking 5 eggs (3 whole and 2 whites only) and about 6 oz. of hot pork sausage, thinking to myself that neither of these really have many carbs at all.  I think my mistake could have been putting a decent amount of shredded cheese in the eggs.  I'm not quite sure.


So I wake up around 6:00 this morning, because my girlfriend had to get up early for this new internship she's starting.  I walk downstairs and have about 3 sips of milk out of the carton,(Yes I know, but don't judge me haha) and then I go back to sleep.


I wake up again around 9:00 to began getting ready for work.  Check my BG and it's 246 which is obviously much higher than I'd prefer in the mornings, and was caught off guard a little.  Any thoughts?

The cheese shouldn't have done anything to your sugars.  Did you check your sugar at 6?

sometimes sausage links are coated in sugar to improve their taste, this could be why your blood sugar was higher in the morning.  You also could be higher because your blood sugar was already in the process of raising when you checked, you just checked before it was higher than you'd like, perhaps you had something earlier in the evening that you didn't count correctly?

I didn't check my sugars at 6, and for the 2nd response, I seriously doubt that my glucose was on the rise.  It very much should have been declining at that time as usual, and I hadn't eaten anything recently before that that would alter that.  The only thing I can think of is that my BG was high the previous morning as well, however that was due to my stupidity.  Sometimes when it's high like that in the mornings, it seems to "use" up my insulin much quicker than usual.  So maybe those 3 gulbs of milk entered my possibly insulin free body and had it's way with my BG haha. 

Nothing is free, not protean or fat. The general rule (from my CDE) is that 1 oz. of a protean source (meat, eggs, etc.) contains 7 grams of protean, 1/2 of which is reduced to carb in about 4-8 hours. So 4 oz. of protean beyond what you would normally consume and would typically be factored in you basal. would require coverage for an additional 14 grams of carb spread out over 8 hours.

An 8 oz steak, or (several eggs and sausage) has to be counted, and covered by an extended or delayed bolus.

Fat counts as well, but it is slower to convert and therefor much harder to compensate for when consumet in large quantities. So we should just avoid it.

never before has a cow beaten you up before with milk sent from who knows how many miles away haha