Survey for research on new potential insulin therapy!

Hello All! My name is Clara and I’ve been a T1D for the last 3.5 years now, and as a grad student I am now working on very promising Type 1 Diabetes research for an artificial pancreas with Tufts University.

In our research process, we are trying to learn more about how different diabetics manage their blood sugars and how burdensome managing it alone could be with current insulin methods. If anyone would like to share their experience with us and how diabetes affects them, please find below a survey link from our research group. This would be incredibly helpful and would potentially aid this new therapy to get to clinical trials.

Also, if anyone would like to learn more about this artificial pancreas research or talk to me personally about your experiences with diabetes, please message me and I will be MORE than happy to talk and/or share this research with you. Thank you!

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Thank you Clara @claravmv for making Members/Users of TypeOneNation Forum aware of this survey, and for the various research studies undergoing at Tufts University Medical Center. I admire your ambition, and it is good to see your return to this site.

Fellow TON Members. “tufts.qyaltrics” is a Safe Link. a tool developed by Tufts Technology for on-line survey. If you have a few minutes, I suggest that you take this survey - your future may be enhanced.

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Hi Clara! The research you are involved in sounds really interesting! I just filled out the survey. I am on a minimed pump and cgm with auto mode. It has helped A LOT but is a long long way from helping me maintain control of my blood sugars. I have been T1D since age 5 (now 38) and have struggled with brittle blood sugars that have limited a lot for me. My current auto mode has helped me curb life threatening lows and most highs above 300, but that’s far from good. I’ve especially struggled with exercising safely, and in daily life having blood sugar patterns that shift all the time, so I’m always guessing and chasing my bgs.

I would love to know more about this implantable AI pancreas.

So cool! Love that you get to be involved in a medical advancement that also could benefit you. Thanks for sharing and survey complete :slight_smile: keep us posted!

Bob Osthues, T1D 66 yrs, I have posted before about the C19 vaccines upping my insulin usage, by 2.5 times. Since RMNA vaccines mess with the immune system, and my insulin antibodies come from there, I see a possible connection. It has happened, I have the problem, seems nothing can help??

Hi Bob @RobertOsthues . I am so sorry you are still experiencing this issue. From what I read from previous people who had this issue with the vaccine, it went away after a month or two. I take 10,000 mg of Biotin and 200 mg of Thiamine to help my body use my Humalog more efficiently ( my doctor says I probably have a touch of type 2 from my parents).

Still have the issue. Because I have the random insulin antibodies, I doubt it will go away, maybe when Covid immunity fades, but, I just got Moderna booster, do not want it to fade. So, I take a lot more Lantus, once daily, and lots more Humalog, early and often, I find it helps a lot to take the Humalog about 1.25 hours prior to a meal, keeps my Dexcom much quieter. Thanks for the Vit B advice. Many years ago, a nurse told me that B vitamins help sugar metabolism, so,I have taken a B complex for many years, Amazon just delivered the 2 you suggest, started this AM, one pill of each/day. Again, thanks. Bob Osthues T1D 66 years so far

Just completed the survey. Several years ago I had tried to apply for artificial pancreas, but was denied due to not have kidney failure or other major diabetes complications. Doesn’t pay to be healthy? Lol