Survey for research on people with T1D’s satisfaction with different insulin calculation methods

Hello everyone! My name is Jade, and my younger brother has had T1D for about four years now. I attend a specialized math and science program for which I have to complete scientific research in order to graduate, and I decided to do my research on how satisfied people with T1D are with different bolus calculation methods and how this may affect their insulin adherence. The study is more focused on insulin pens than anything; however, if you don’t currently use them, you can still participate! You’ll just have to answer the questions with any previous experience with insulin pens in mind.

If you’d be willing to participate, all you have to do is complete the consent form linked below (Don’t worry! You don’t need any fancy technology; the website will walk you through the process, and automatically send your completed forms to me). After you finish it, hit continue, and it should automatically redirect you to the survey.

Thank you so much for your willingness to help me out!

@trebleclef28 FYI the link, after authorization, displayed an error and then informed me that I am not eligible. Please consider clarifying any qualification requirements in this post, please remove any data collection of user names or address, or email from the link in order to post it here. I removed the original link. - moderator

Sorry about that! I looked back over the form, and it turns out that something happened that was sending people to the ineligibility screen regardless of their responses to the first few questions. I went ahead and fixed that along with disabling the “limit to one response” feature, so people don’t have to sign in. I wasn’t able to see anyone’s email addresses, but I definitely understand how that seems a little jarring after being told that no personal information would be collected. Hopefully this link works better!