Survey! Yay!

Hey guys! I'm a type 1 diabetic and grad student focusing on Type 1 Diabetes for my thesis! Could you help me out?





p.s. If you liked that one, here are some more:

2 (hidden differences part II)

3 (social dynamics)

4 (self expression)

Heyy for one i just friend requested you. and two i did that surveyyyy : ) Best of luck

Hi, i took your survey, it was really good and got me thinking :) I hope I can help you out with what you needed

Done :D

done and done...would you mind posting results when you are done (I know it might be a long time from now)?

done :)  i'm interested in seeing the results when it's over.

I guess I'm too much of a dummy to figure out how to find your survey!

[quote user="Tom"]

I guess I'm too much of a dummy to figure out how to find your survey!



in the original post, there is "survey" in blue. you click on that

Just finished your survey... goodluck!

Done :) Sorry my answers are kind of long :P

Thanks Courtenay. I must be getting color blind in my old age.




i cant wait to see the results :)

Yess! You guys are the best! I'll for sure post the results once I get some more responses. I have a couple more surveys if you guys are interested, they're each under 10 questions:

Hidden Differences II

Social Dynamics

Self Expression


; )

You should post them, I know I had fun filling it out :) Ha ha gives me something to do!!

See above!

Currently seeing above :) Thanks!

Interesting survey. What is your thesis title.

Still working on the title, I just got started in my thesis year... but I'm thinking something along the lines of

Building Community Through Type 1 Diabetic Fashion


Not-So-Hidden Disability: Building Community Through Fashion

The second title is very catchy. I am currently working on my thesis and I was not allowed to leave class one day until I came up with a good title. Granted my first title was rejected and all... But that is not a story for here.