Surviving Insulin Resistance

Does anyone have any tips on how to survive insulin resistance? I am 24 weeks pregnant and I have noticed my insulin requirements have went up a lot lately. I had maybe 30 carbs for breakfast and my post meal number was 264. I took 2.5 units insulin. Normally 1 unit brings me down 40 points. Well 2 hours later I was still 201. So with lunch I added an additional 2 units on to my bolus. Still high. I'm so frustrated!!!

I have been trying to eat lower carb meals/snacks. I snack on cucumbers, carrots, veggies, etc. whenever I feel hungry. But they don't fill me up and I still feel hungry. Also, I have always struggled to gain weight. My pre pregnancy weight was 94 lbs and I am 5'5". I am now 106 lbs at 24 weeks pregnant. I was gaining weight at a good rate but I haven't really gained anything, not even a couple ounces in the past 2 weeks because I've been trying to eat stuff that won't spike my blood so bad. My OB wants me to gain more weight. He says I should be 125-130 when I'm full term. But how do I gain weight on a low carb diet?


Ugh I am dreading the insulin resistance. I'm 22 weeks and still ok so far. I'm sure you said in an earlier post, but are you on a pump? Maybe your doc can raise your basals? When I was having insulin sensitivity we did the opposite and lowered mine and it helped a lot with crashing! I'm trying to think of low carb foods that will fatten you up haha. Of course everything fattening and delicious is laden with carbs! Keep us updated! You're a bit ahead of me and I'll be curious to find what works for you! Feel good!

I thought of a low carb, high cal snack! What about nuts? I know macadamia nuts are low carb and quite caloric!

I raised my basal last night by 35% and my fasting number was 89. So that was right in range, but during the day my numbers aren't doing so good. I am trying to up my bolus/carb ratio AND correction dose but still struggling with highs in the 200's. And yes, I'm on the OmniPod thank goodness! All these correction doses would be a nightmare without a pump!

Nuts are a good idea, thanks! The only thing is low carb snacks just don't fill me up. I can eat an entire plate of veggies and then still be hungry! LOL

A CGM has helped me a TON. Also just remember that you're not failing when you have to take more insulin, you need it. Highs will cause harm to the baby, not more insulin so take what you need! Get your doctors to re-write scripts now to get enough insulin, i just had to pay out of pocket for a bottle over the 4th because I didn't think about it before hand and the insurance said it was an early refill :( Also work closely with your endo/educator other diabetic pros, yes you know your body and disease best, but they can help a lot!

Eating low carb probably won't cut it.  You're going to have to take more insulin.  

In the 3rd trimester your levels of progesterone get high and it causes the insulin insensitivity.  In my 3rd trimester I went from 40u of insulin a day to over 100!  That type of increase is pretty typical.

How are you finding the OmniPod during pregnancy? Don't get me wrong, I like it better than any other pump or injection regime I've been on, but I've basically become allergic to the adhesive on the pod! It gets so itchy after a few hours on, and when I peel it off, it leaves giant itchy welts! Not pretty! The worst part is that it doesn't matter where I wear it! I had sensitive skin before I was pregnant but this is insane! I spoke to both my endo and ob and they said it was because the immune system goes out of whack during pregnancy. I don't want to rock the boat when things have been stable and manageable so far, but I'm suffering! Oh the things we do to have a healthy pregnancy!


hi ladies!  i'm just beginning 27th/28th week of pregnancy.  i've experienced insulin resistance now for about a month, and it only gets harder!  i know it's not a high protein snack, but wanted to mention flaxseed meal.  my nutritionist suggested i try it when i first became pregnant.  if you sprinkle it over your food it's supposed to not make your post meal number spike so high.  i really found a nutritionist to be helpful (even though i dreaded going to one b/c i felt i was a fairly healthy to begin with, and didn't want to deal with another appointment but mine is a diabetic, as well, and gave me some great tips.)  what about avocados (which i'm told to not bolus for, b/c they're fat - good fat)?  anyway, my last ha1c was 6.0 yesterday...and i started out bring 5.4 - so it's slowing creeping up but i'm determined to not let it go up any higher.  i hate seeing those high numbers!  good luck!  

The best way to deal is insulin adjustment (insulin to carb ratio might increase to 1:2 or 1:1 at the end of gestation). Insulin resistance is a funciton of the hormones produced by the placenta in the latter half of pregnancy. The best way to deal with it is to monitor blood glucose values closely (I too am a FIRM believer in CGMS in every pregnancy) and also increase lag time between bolus and meal start. With insulin resistance, it takes longer for the subcutaneous insulin to adequately block the liver's release of glucose. Every time you eat, the first part of the blood sugar spike is hepatic (from the liver) glucose. So its a double whammy - food and liver.