Sweat & My Pump

I have no problem wearing my pump while I exercise but after prolonged cardio and sweat my skin gets irritated where the pump has been rubbing my skin. I usually hook it to my bike shorts or my sports bra. 

How can I cover my pump to protect my skin during exercise? I would prefer not to add a fanny pack to my fitted clothing during exercise. Any Suggestions? :)

I know you really aren't supposed to, but to be honest, during rugby practices or gym workouts i usually just take my pump off and put a plug into the site and just put the pump in my gym bag. My numbers never go high because exercise will lower your blood sugar naturally.

Hey Mallory,

I've recently made a point to figure out how to keep my pump on during exercises, and figuring out where to put it was the biggest problem since keeping it clipped to my hip was not an option (nor was a fanny pack!). I had a pair of compression shorts that I wore for football that had the pockets on the inside for pads, and I tuck my pump into the inside hip pocket. I found it keeps it tight to my body if I'm running or jumping so it's not moving around and it's difficult to hit it with anything there as well. I'm not sure if you want to wear a pair of 'football' pants, but I'm sure there's other pants like them you can find.

In case you don't know what I mean, here's an example:


If I'm just going running, I sometimes use an iPod armband. For soccer, I've tried a harness thing but that rubbed a little so I don't really use that. What type of pump do you have? I have a Medtronic pump and I know that they have something that you can put in your sports bra while you're working out although I have never used it.

I buy these asics capri running pants.  They are tight and have dri-fit so if you sweat a lot they dry quickly.  The best part is that they have a back zipper pocket that is big enough to hold my pump.  I wore them for the Chicago marathon and didn't feel my pump at all.  I love them!  Here is a link to the asics brand ones I usually buy.  I'm sure you could find them at your local sport's store.



If you put Tegaderm on the skin, it should protect it from irritation.  It is a clear film that adheres to the skin - should be able to get it from any medical supply or most pharmacies.  We get ours from medtronics with our pump supplies.