SWEET Sixteen (:

Soo, I'm 16 and have been Diabetic for about 9 months. And just like probably everybody else, it's been really, really. No, i mean REALLY difficult for me to accept the fact that, i have type 1 Diabetes. I was like over come with a mixture of emotions. Sadness, anger, denial. I was depressed. Like, i walked around angry, holding a grudge against anybody and everybody... I didn't know how to COPE with Diabetes. And accepting my illness and the huge change of LIFESTYLE was the hardest for me. And nothing that people told me could make me change the way i feel. I was unconsolable. Nobody knows what it is until they experience it first hand... Out of frustration, i stopped taking my insulin. (IT'S OKAY TO HAVE BAD DAYS, WE ALL HAVE THEM. BUT NEVER, EVER, EVER, EVER, EVER, STOP TAKING YOUR INSULIN.) I didn't take it for about 3 months. STRAIGHT. I was tired, lazy, always disappointed because i felt like the insulin did absoloutely nothing for me. FASTFORWARD 3 Months: For about 2 days i was feeling sick. Throwing up non stop. I couldn't eat or drink anything because it'd come back up. Peeing alot. And i guess i pass out in my house. I was unconcious for like 6 hours. My mother found me, face down. Covered in throwup. The ambulance takes me to the hospital. I was DKA in a Coma for 9 days with sugars as high as 600-something. I had Acute kidney failure. It was HORRIBLE. I almost got Dialysis. Thank GOD my kidneys began to heal before they actually started the treatment..... When the doctors told me, i was near DEATH. I was very, very sick. That was my wake up call...... Now i'm recooperating and doing well. My A1C is still 9.8. But its a big improvement. When i came into the hospital it was 13. I'm glad i got a second chance at life. And so i don't end up in this sticky situation again, i'm doing things different. Trying to learn how to manage my diabetes and be a productive member of society. Ways to cope with Diabetes. So, im like new to this. And i have 0 diabetic friends and i don't have much experience with Diabetes. Everyday i learn something new. I think support is SOO important. I'm from the LA area. So follow mee (:


How do you cope with diabetes? Let me knowwwwwww.

I found out at 13, before my body began to mature at all, still a boy on the outside. Diabetes delayed my body from maturing until I turned 21, then in a 3 week spurt, I went from 123lbs to 185lbs and I was working out, riding a bicycle for 8 to 10 miles a day and working at NASA in Houston.  I have had this disease for 42 years now and I wake up each day willing to battle the ill effects that can be near at all times.  Learn to understand how to work your body with exercise and your mind with information to grow into someone you want to be, and something you want to do with your life. Sounds like a cake walk ?  No, far from it, but know this, I have to contain my diabetes everyday, every hour, every year I am alive, and well the only other choice is shorter and not productive for those who care for you, and those you care for. Really comes to one choice, and  YES everyone that has diabetes handles it differently, but try to remember you can stand out as an example for others to follow, or you can follow others through a path you may regret. Make choices for your health and mental status first, everything else has to be second. You are in a long line of others who have struggled with this monster and win daily. Be one that leads, be one that knows what needs doing, be one unstoppable to this condition/disease, when you master the path, you become the valid point of carrying on to those younger than you, who will ask these same questions.

Wow! Awesome words of wisdom (: Congrats for living 42 years with diabetes. Some people don't last so long. I guess, it's easier to give up. Than to deal with it day by day.