Sweet tooth

I was just wondering, what do you do to get rid of a sweet tooth when you don't want to take a shot?

I like chewing on things while I'm doing homework and such, so for me mint-flavored gum works well.  I'm on the pump, though, so I don't have to worry about taking shots for food.  You could also try drinking water or tea or something with few carbs that is flavored.  

I literally do the same thing as Katie said, Chew Bubble gum. (you get get some sweet flavors and such) But to me just keeping my mouth active helps. I chew Vitality from Trident(i think) it has Ginseng in it. Helps me keep focused and gives a small energy boost (to me) or Get some tea and use a little Splenda or something along those lines to keep it a freebee. (i get the Arizona DIET green tea works like a charm) OR get a diet soda and just drink it. (many different flavors and such. 

I still have to say bubble gum is the #1 thing i use in my life now. Keeps me sane.


I don't have to worry about that so much now that I'm on the pump (it's so easy topush a couple buttons and get a little insulin!), but I have found that a couple strawberries do, like, nothing to my blood sugar.  I'd have to take insulin if I were going to have a lot of them, but two, maybe three?  No biggie.

Also, I really like the Soy Slender flavored soy milks.  They're sweetened with Splenda and the Vanilla is only 4 carbs for 8 oz. (chocolate flavor is close, but I can't remember exactly).  It's like getting to have a little chocolate milk or something.

I have a KILLER sweet tooth so when I was on shots, I would just take the extra shot. Now that I'm on the pump it's much easier. Sugar free gelatin made into the "jigglers" is great to have in the fridge for a free sweet fix!

Thanks for the great ideas everyone!

Does the pain bother you or just the annoyance of getting supplies out?   I have a pump also, so I don't really worry about that, but bolusing is still a pain..so I try to drink hot fruit teas.  :) 


Wrigley has a new sugarless gum called Extra "Dessert Delights."  So far I've tried the Strawberry Shortcake and Key Lime Pie flavors, and they're pretty good!  What's weird is that when you first start chewing a piece, it tastes really sugary, so maybe that would help with the sweet tooth.  They also have a Mint Chocolate Chip flavor.  Extra also makes some fruit flavored gums that look really good, but I haven't tried them yet.


a late night diet sprite does it for me

Whenever I want something sweet, I usually just eat a couple sugar free Reese's. They are SOO good! I would probably eat them even if I wasn't diabetic lol!

I keep diet cherry coke on hand. Seems to help, it's got more sweetness than regular diet pop. But, being a dental hygienist, make sure you rinse your mouth out with water afterwards to avoid cavities =) Hehe