Swelling at injection areas

My son was diagnosed in Dec. 2010. He gives his shots in his belly but he has gotten 2 small swollen spots where he gives his injections alot. The doc said since its not sore, red or bothering him just to avoid that area for shots for about a month. Anyone else had this problem and know about how long for the swelling to go down?

Hi Stacey.  Rotating injection sites is suuuuuuuper important.  The insulin simply won't absorb properly if the tissue develops those spots, which are ssentially scar tissue.  I don't know how old your son is or how much room you have to move his shots around but try your best.  Remember...tummy, hinder, arms and legs.  We keep track on her inj sites in her log book and it really helps us.  In fact, this week we've given ourselves the assignment of trying to use her legs more, as she has a definite aversion to them.  I'm talking like she's a small child when in fact she's 16...but regardless of her age, she needs reminding.

My son would only allow us to give his shots in his arms....At his last endo visit they told us that he was not allowed to give shots in his arms for at least 3 months. It has been almost 3 months and they are still a little puffy. Even though they are puffy, they are not nearly as bad a they were :-) 

Hey! My son is 10 in 2 weeks!! We just found out right before xmas 2010 about his diabietes. He also  doesnt like doing his shots in his legs. He prefers his belly and thats easier for him to do hisself exp at school. But when I called the doctor they said no belly till his next appt and then to see if the doc gives the all clear.He was actually excited about being able to give them in his tummy cuz this is the first time he has had enough to pinch lol