Swimmer Ear

My daughter woke me with her ear hurting,sick at her stomach,sugar up.We are waiting for doctor office to open. Anyone Know anything on this ?

I had swimmer's ear a while back.  It was painful.  I was not sick to my stomach and don't recall if my blood sugar was up or not since it was about 6 years ago.  It just hurts the ears real bad.  Had to end up gonig to ER in Canton, OH.  They unclogged by ears and put me on anti biotics.  Felt much better within a few days.  

Thanks DDrumminMan,I watched this post and it helped to hear something back.She saw the doctor,got med. and caught up on sleep lost due to ear ache. A tooth or ear ache sure can cause pain!!

DDrumminMan, ear problem got worse yesterday,another doc, visit.Today much better.I clicked onto the link ,and listened to some of your music.It's good ! I want to ask a question,when did you start playing the drums ? My teen has a interest in learning to play guitar,do you think it will be harder to pick up now?