Swimming and the Animas Ping

I know the Ping is waterproof but still don't trust it swimming.  Does anyone have experience with actually keeping it on while you swim?

YES, you have to go swimming with it.  It is a very liberating thing to do.  If nervous, just make sure the battery cap is on tight and the cartridge cap is on tight and you are good to go.  I've been swimming in pools and salt water with mine.   While in the water be careful not to bump the pump against the side of the poo.  Something about plastic vs concrete doesn't sound good. 

I do cover the insertion site w/ two IV3000 adhesive patches.  My advice is to JUMP RIGHT IN!!!!


I have only hooked it onto my bikini top but never actually submersed the pump. However, last summer I noticed that the black rubbery stuff that covers the buttons was starting to peel. Instead of being aggressive, I just let it go. And then while in the pool I was splashed and my pump stopped working within about 15 minutes. I had to have it replaced. So, if you do want to keep it on while swimming I would just recommend that you ensure that the black rubbery stuff is securely intact on your pump.

I swim with mine on with no problems so far. I just inspect the pump, tighten everything & clip it to my bathing suit.   I don't do anything special with my insertion site, other than ensure it's still stuck on well.  I've swam in both salt water & chlorinated pools with it too...

That's funny you ask that SJohnson, because this summer is my first summer with it and I'm scared to take it in the shower so I really don't know what I'll do this summer. Lol. But I did have someone tell me that one of their daughters friends couldnt find her pump after forgetting to reattach for whatever reason, they thought the dog got it. Come to find out, the next morning the dad went to clean the pool and say it on the bottom of the pool. It made it through the night, under water! I cannot wait to be able to swim and not worry about how much insulin I'm losing.

Well I have not started officially pumping yet, I start on the 17th.  In the summer i tend to go tubing at very fast speeds. so my question is, is it safe to have the pump on while tubing or would it be better for me to just unhook while I'm tubing?


I have the ping, and i have never gone swimming with it, but i dont think it would be good for tubing at fast speeds because you could easily bump it and break it. Whenever i go swimming i just take mine off.

If your going to b tubing for a long time then i would just ask ur doctor

yeah I kind of figured that out after i posted that... i had a trial infusion set on for less than a day (i was supposed to wear it for three) and i was wrapped in covers then the phone rang and the set just ripped right out. so knowing how delecite they can be.. it would be best to leave it on the shore

I've worn my pump swimming plenty of times, as previously stated you just have to check that everything is tightened up and secure before. oh and it doesn't hurt to do a check after swimming as well!

As for tubing, I personally wouldn't recommend wearing your pump just incase it detached and sank. I just keep my pump on the boat while i tube/wakeboard/ski and when it's my turn to be spotter I reconnect!

I am a long-time competitive swimmer and have worn my Animas Ping for several swim workouts a week for more than a year and have never had a single issue.  I do change the cartridge cap at least once every three months, as the water and chlorine seem to wear down the rubber pretty quickly.  Other than that, I would echo what others have said--tighten everything down and dive in!  

I have worn my pump in the pool, in the ocean, and while swimming and whitewater kayaking.  I will take it off if I know I'm only going in the water for a short period of time, but for longer activities I like to keep it on.