Swimming--Prepping Site

Does anyone have a successful way of keeping the infusion site on during swimming?  My daughter went swimming on vacation and had a difficult time keeping the infusion site on.  We use the IV Prep and have covered it with the IV 3000 Frame Delivery.  However, if it remained adhered, when we pulled the IV3000 off, it pulled the infusion site out.  Normally the IV3000 came loose during swimming.  We finally had to put a piece of non adhesive gauze over the infusion site, then covered it with the IV3000, then used waterproof tape all around the edges and criss cross.  It stuck, but was not a pretty site.  Any suggestions?  Alexa doesn't want to go into the water now because of the problems with the infusion site.  We always detached the pump and suspend it during swimming--just don't want to take the chances.

You're doing everything right.  The bandage doesn't look good but I've found it to be the most effective when swimming laps.  Try to take a break every hour or so and reapply the waterproof tape.  There are heavy duty adhesives you can use, that require a solvent to remove.  Call your pump helpline and ask for recommendations.  

I knew a farmer who used the pump who swore by the heavy duty adhesive.  We live in a hot, humid area (Tulsa, OK) and the adhesive allowed him to works all day in the heat without losing the infusion site.  Think the adhesive would be difficult to use everyday, but would be good for a beach vacation or some other point where you're in the water a lot.  

Somethimes when me and my brother go swimming we do the same gauge with I've prep tape over it but to keep it a little less busy we put a large sized water proof band-aid. They don't differ too much from skin color some people don't even notice.