Swimming with dexcomG6

My daughter loves to swim and recently while swimming the sensor on her dexcom actually came out of skin. We had it covered in water proof tape but did not work. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated Thanks

I haven’t been in a pool in ages but I did find a product called Simpatch that has held up very well in the bathtub. They have some fun colors too. If you would like to try one PM me your address and I’ll drop one in the mail - I use the ones with a strap, and have beige and purple. It can be a little tricky to get on especially one handed (it took some doing but I got it on my arm).

This works for me, as long as water is not too hot. I add Skin Tac adhesive. My process is insert the sensor and transmitter: wipe around the area with a Skin Tac wipe, putting Skin Tac up over the sensor tape to the plastic transmitter housing: let Skin Tac dry: apply a Skin Grip patch.

Hi, my son is a very active for year old who has T1D and uses Dexcom and Omnipod. For swimming and just summertime in general we use GrifGrips patches. They have great hold and are fun for younger children because you can get them in all different shapes. Hope this helps of you haven’t found anything yet!
From on T1 parent to another best of luck.

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Also, be sure you have the FREE Dexcom Overpatches on the adhesive sensor tape patch.

The over patches can be ordered online via the Dexcom website.

Let me know if this helps.

Have you tried Skin-tac? I used to use different tapes, etc., but nothing worked super well. Then I started using Skin-tac, and boy does it work! Before I got the G6 (which forces replacement every 10 days), I could keep my Dex in 3 weeks sometimes. I know they make wipes, but we bought a bottle of the stuff, and it has lasted probably 3 or 4 years and I’m not even halfway through the bottle. I don’t swim a lot, but when I have, Skin-tac has worked great for me.

Check out “Rock Tape” on Amazon if the other suggestions don’t work for you. This might do the trick

Thanks @BDrysch for the suggestion we started using a small piece of gauze over sensor along with some waterproof band-aids.

We use Lexcam adhesive bandages specifically designed for the Dexcom. They work great. Ordered them online😊. My daughter swims every day. Megan

My hubby just got some SimPatch (he used Skin Tac before applying)! So far, it is AMAZING!!! The photo of the clear tape is Medtronic’s lousy tape after two days of warm weather (no swimming). The SimPatch fabric tape is after four days of showering. Will test the swimming this weekend!