Hey guys! I just started wearing my cgm a few months ago, and I love it. Summer break is only 2 weeks away, and I have been thinking about how often my kids and I go swimming. We usually get passes to a water park, so by swimming I mean wave pool, lazy river, and water slides 2-3 times per week. Can I wear my cgm, or at least leave it attached while swimming? Also, what is a good tape because showers tend to peel the cgm off fairly easily, so I can only imagine the adhesive will not stand up to a swimming pool. Thanks!

I use the Dexcom CGM, which has a somewhat different adherence strategy than the Medtronic, but with the Dexcom I have achieved very tight durable water-resistant adherence using SkinTac – which can be applied very sparingly After adhering the monitor by applying on top of the perforated adhesive tape.

I also use the dexcom. Where can I get skintac?

Both the Enlite and Dexcom CGM’s are water-proof to reasonable depths and extremes of temperature, so you will be fine.

My daughter swims with her Dexcom sensor all the time. We use IV3000 1- HAND. It’s made by smith&nephew. I ordered a box of 100 on Amazon. I have to cut out an opening to go over the sensor, but it works great. It’s super thin and we never have a problem with peeling. I put it on when we move the sensor once and it last all week.

Thank you for all of the great info!