Swine Flu

How many of you mom's are concerned about your kids getting the swine flu or any flu for that matter because they have to be in the nurse's office twice a day testing bloodsugars with all the sick kids around them?

My daughter actually got it a couple of weeks ago. Our whole family had to take Tamiflu as a precaution. Anyway, I actually told the nurse that from now on, if there are any throwing up, fever, coughing children in her office when Anna Claire comes in, have her wait at the door.  And have her BS and insulin delivered there(she's a pumper) The room is the size of a closet, and there isn't any place to keep the sick ones seperate from the well ones. Diabetic children  absolutely should not be unecessarily exposed to very sick kids because it is so hard on them to be sick. We knew when Anna Claire came home on a Friday that she must be geiing something because her bs readings were unusually high. By Monday she was sick and tested postive for type A flu. The sad part is you get the warning that somethings comming, but you don't know what it is. Anyway I totally agree that they shouldn't be exposed to sick kids, and consideration should be taken to try to limit as much as they can, exposure to the sick kids. It very much concerns me too!


Actually I'm afdraid of getting exposed at work and not getting sick myself but being a carrier and taking it home to my daughter! Thank you for the tip about the nurses office I never thought about having a rule with the school about sick kids in the nurses station and exposure to her. This definiteltly puts a whole new spin on things 'A life with T1'! We were dx July '09 on my birthday to be exact (what a day)! This is our first school year with T1 and she's in 7th grade, the schools been great though.

I am very nervous about any type of flu.  Alexa had Infuenza A which is what triggered her type I in February of this year.  So, I am extremely nervous about the flu.  Alexa is in the 7th grade also.  The school nurse is very helpful, but it is a small Lutheran School, so I also worry about the contact with other sick kids.  Thanks for the suggesion about the nurse's office.  I'll talk with her about it.  For precatuions, one thing that I have cautioned Alexa about is to never drink from a public water fountain.  I send bottled water to school with her, and have permission from the nurse for her to fill her bottle with the Jug of water in the nurses office.  I also try to encourage Alexa to wash her hands all the time, but, she is a 12 year old, so, that's hit and miss.

I am so glad that i have found this site.  I hope to find encouragement and support.  Sometimes, I feel so overwhelmed byall that needs to be done.  I look forward to the advice from those that know more and have experienced this disease for a longer period than I have.  And, hopefully, I in turned can pass on my suggestions and advice as I learn more.


Another item you might want to discuss with her is drinking after her friends from the same bottle/can. I know my olest daughter and her friends in jr high and high school use to always share water, pop, etc. I told my 12 y/o she can't do that.