Swine Flu

With all the reports out about swine flu... is anyone taking extra precautions or anything? My college is going to be doing extra cleaning around the campus especially with door handles and railings. They are sending an email out tomorrow apparently.

Just curious what everyone else thought

Funny, I just put a hand sanitizer in my son's test kit/backpack!  I thought I was just being my usual germaphobic self!

yea I'm thinking of adding my hand sanitizer to my backpack...

my mom gave me some hand sanitzer for my purse..and she bought some masks incase any of us do get sick...but i'm not worried.


people are freaking out over nothing at the moment. there's over 6billion people and there's only 148 reported cases. the most deaths are in mexico city, where it started and there's only ONE infected person on vancouver island(where i am). i'm not worried and i'm not taking any special precautions.

All im doing is washing more often and making sure to stay away from sickly ppls.